Aiden is our little crunch and munch. If he can get his mouth on it, it is likely not long for this world!

He joined our family in early September 2020.  At only 4 months, he took himself about herding ducks, following the cows and trying to make friends with the chickens.  By night, he practices his husbandry skills on the cats.

He is a sweetie who loves to snuggle. Smart as a whip, he struggles with focus.  There is just too much to see!

Next Litter Expected:
Spring 2021

Puppies now available! (Nov 2020)

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Genetic Tests

Aiden tested clear on everything.  He is not a carrier of any diesases or mutations.

Tests conducted by PawPrint Genetics, Spokane, WA. Complete test results report available upon request from serious buyers.


Tri – black and tan

Straight, shorthair coat 

Non dilute.

No grizzle, no sable, no harlequin

Non merle (m/m)