No puppies are available at this time. We expect a litter in August/September

Past Litters


Born:  June 27, 2021

Birth details: Fiona headed out to tend the ducks, chickens and cows at approximately 8:30pm, but never showed up for her chores. At 9PM chores were finished and still no Fiona. We searched for 30 minutes, looking in every place we thought she could go.  She had found a way through the fence into the back yard and in through the dog door.  When we found her she had already had the first puppy under the cabinet in the bathroom. She carried on, unaided through to the end.  We are so proud of her!

Litter details: Two mirror image brown and white, one black and white 4 tri.

Gender: 4 girls; 3 boys

Available to go home: August 26, 2021

Status: All puppies have found their forever home.

The Rest of the Story: Emma was the runt of the litter and has THE BIGGEST personality. She has started learning Flyball and sheep herding.  Dare is also into competition. She is learning to catch a frisbee and other agility games. Posey is a happy guy living with a lovely couple in the Austin area, not too far from SpurChief is living with his half-brother Rio, learning to work cattle and sheep. Enya decided to stay with us so she can visit her sister Ember, who lives about a half-hour away.

Girl: Ember

Girl: Emma "Em"

Girl: 3: Dare

Girl: Enya

Boy: Posey

Boy: Chief

Boy: Spur


Born:  November 22, 2020

Birth details: Moira’s water broke at approximately 2:10PM.  The first puppy, a girl, was born at 2:47PM.  The second puppy followed closely at 2:51PM. She had a short break before presenting #3 and #4 at 3:25PM and 3:32PM.  There were no complications.  She managed the birth unaided.  What a trooper! 

Litter details: All puppies are black and white.

Gender: 1 girl; 3 boys

Available to go home: January 17, 2021

Status: All have gone to their new families.

The Rest of the Story: The firstborn girl, Gypsy, is an everything girl.  Her new mom was texting me as she was born and stayed with me through the birth of the entire litter. Gypsy is an amazing girl who is learning herding and brings great comfort to her family and sister River. Rio is working cattle and sheep and helping raise his half-brother Chief. Buddy lives on a ranch and helps manage the cattle. Finn is learning to German and is well loved.

Girl: Gypsy

Boy: Buddy

Boy: Finn

Boy: Rio

Day 1

Girl: Gypsy

Boy 1

Boy 2

Boy 3