As early as her first week with us,  Moira would run ahead, then sit down looking at us.  As she sat there, she would pull her ears up to the top of her head, edges touching, looking for the world like a unicorn.

Moira is a typical border collie in that she does not believe in sleeping late, staying home or sharing toys.  Moira frequently steals toys from Aiden.

Early on she found an interest in the chickens, who notoriously managed to escape their pen on a daily basis.  Cheerfully, Moira jumped right in to run them to ground.  She would catch up to them, place one foot on them and sit down, holding the chicken until one of us could come take it away.  She never hurt a single one.  

The addition of ducks sent her over the moon! Now she is learning to work the cows.

Next Litter Expected:
Spring 2021

Puppies now available! (Nov 2020)

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Genetic Tests

Moira tested clear on everything.  She is a carrier of CAE.

Genetic testing conducted by PawPrint Genetics, Spokane, WA. Complete test results report available upon request from serious buyers.


Moira is beautiful! She carries dominant wolf sable/gray with a recessive tri-black & tan.

Straight coat and longhaired.

Non dilute but carries dilute (D/d)

No grizzle, no sable, no melanistic mask, no harlequin.

Non merle


*Moira’s papers reflect an inaccurate birthdate.