Your Own Share of a Herd

Herd share is the opportunity to own a share of a herd of cows and benefit from the production of the herd without all the work.  

In simple terms, you buy one of, say, 100 available shares in a dairy herd.  Then each month, you pay a labor and boarding fee, sit back and wait for your share of the milk produced.  

Meanwhile, at Broadmoor Farm, we wake up, with the cows. We groom them, feed them, milk them and move them to the paddock for the day. We maintain fences, check the health of the cows, talk to them, and make sure they are well and happy.  In the evening, we reverse the process, minding them a second time and tucking them away for the night. 

During the course of the week, the cows are milked and the milk collected for distribution to the herd share owners.  Milk is distributed to the share owners equally in proportion to the number of shares held. 

If the time should come when you no longer wish to hold your shares, you can sell them back to Broadmoor Farm or another party. 

Or, if you find your circumstances have changed and you want to own additional shares in the herd, you are welcome to purchase as many as you wish, provided shares are available for purchase.


If you would like more information on owning a share of the Broadmoor Farm herd or to purchase a share, please contact us.  We look forward to partnering with you!