Callum joined us in mid-September 2020.  We consider him a rescue dog. He came to us undernourished and terrified. ABCA registered and intact, he is a sweet guy.

He tends to personify some of the OCD traits of border collies, but is a great dog and we were thrilled to welcome him into our family. Bent Creek Border Collies has graciously provided assistance in working through some of the issues and Callum is proving to be a great asset.

He is loyal and has made himself quite at home with the rest of the crew – even little “Crunch ‘n Munch”, Aiden.


Next Litter Expected:
Spring 2021

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Genetic Tests

Callum has not been genetically tested.  He is clear by parentage, except for being a carrier of IGS (Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome). 


A Locus: Tricolor, black and tan

Cu Locus: Straight coat

D Locus: Non dilute

E Locus:  Black

K Locus: No agouti expression allowed (carrier)

T Locus: Normal tail


Extended Lineage: