Border Collies

Border Collies are the best breed! But they are not for everyone.  If you are considering getting a border collie, don’t fall for the cute face and the adictive smile.  Learn about the breed and be sure you are a good match for the dog.


From the borderlands between Scotland and England, these collies were bred for their unlimited energy, their natural working drive, and their intense stare which can intimidate sheep, goats, cows and other animals. 

What to Expect

Border collies are high energy dogs.  My first girl, Freya, was known as the Energizer Bunny on Crack. She maintained that energy level for 15 years.

The intense level of energy combined with their amazing intelligence makes them a rewarding yet challenging family member. Simply put, Border Collies were born to work and they need a job.  

When they are bored they will create trouble by finding ways to entertain themselves.  Shoes, glasses, dirty cloths that haven’t been secured away from them, walls, furniture… everything they find that might be fun to play with will fall victim if they are not kept busy.  

In my experience, the most difficult aspect of the borders is their OCD. They fixate. Getting them to break that fixation can be difficult, one reason why solid training is so important. They each fixate on their own thing.  Some will love ducks, some will chase lights.  Nearly all of them love to chase water.

Behavioral issues with Border Collies are resolved, primarily, by giving them a job. If you have the ability to do it, and do not want the commitment of sheep, ducks are a great option for Borders.  They will quickly pick up the herding skills. Watch that they don’t get too aggressive while they learn what to do.  

Border Collies are incredibly loyal.  They will bond quickly and stay true to the end. A few years ago, my sister passed away and her Border Collie came to live with us. He was snuggly sweet during the day, but at night he would go outside and sob.  The sound he made was a cross between a howl and a cry of pain.  It was heartbreaking!  Eventually the sobbing subsided, but it took a while and he always looked for her.  Once they take you as theirs, they will defend you forever.  Please never violate their love and trust.

The Crew