Fiona is our little Squiggle. Silly and loyal and jealous.  She is dedicated entirely to Nicholas – simply cannot stand to be separated from him.  Unless she is watching her ducks.

Ducks are Fiona’s thing.  We lock the ducks up in their barn at night for safe keeping.  In the morning, we let them out, she puts them back.  We call her off and out they come again.  She rounds them up and puts them back in. 

She is our Squiggle.

Next Litter Expected:
Spring 2021

Puppies now available! (Nov 2020)

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Genetic Tests

Fiona tested clear for everything. She is a carrier of TNS (WT/M).

Testing conducted by PawPrint Genetics, Spokane, WA. Complete test results report available upon request from serious buyers.


Fiona carries an intersting mix of traits. 

Tri- black and tan

No dilute.

No grizzle, no sable, no harlequin

Normal intensity (I/I)


Non merle