All Around Fun

Quick update on the ducks – they did not come home.  But they are still happily swimming around in the pond.    We are hopeful they figure out they can hide in their house before coyotes begin to much on them.   Nights are getting colder which usually brings out more coyote activity.   So far, so good.  

I’m wondering how this is going to impact our eggs.  Still, I love watching them swim, so it will all be good.

In other news…

We have border collies – and we love them.  My mother had a border collie when we were born and we’ve had them ever since.  

This summer, we decided it was time to add a new puppy so the search began.  We found the most amazing little boy!  

Meet Aiden!

Isn’t he a cutie!  To be sure, he is a rascal!  We teasingly call him Crunch & Munch because his favorite pass time is chewing on everything – even if it CAN run away!

He is so much fun, and so very sweet.  And Moira has a friend to play with who doesn’t mind biting and bites back without getting mad!  They run and play, play tug-0-war and roll and play.  They both love to chew and are happy to share their poor victims.  Between the pair of them, we have gone through more toys than I can count.  

These two wear each other out on a regular basis, which gives us time to get other things done. Thank goodness!

About a week after Aiden moved in, I got a message from a lady who had a border collie who needed a new home. He had been kept in a pen, no one really paid any attention to him.  He was under nourished, untrained, and scared of his own shadow.  At a year old, I can only imagine what his life had been like.  

So Callum joined our little family, too. Aiden was happy to bring him home.  He even helped Callum learn to walk on a leash. 

Callum is coming along.  He is going to be a good dog with a little more work. 

At his young age, Callum has already fathered two (maybe as many as 4) litters of puppies. But that is beyond our control.  The puppies are pretty.  I’ve learned his father is a red, his mom black & white. And his paternal grandparents are a blue merle and red tri.  He is going to throw a wonderful mix of puppies.  

His first litter was small, only two.  But they are cute.  One is a b/w tri and the other a red.  The second litter is larger – 5 this time and truly a poster for all the colorations – merle, b/w, red merle, red and brown.  They are very cute.  It will be fun to see what he comes up with next.