Pollination is the process of transferring pollen from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma. While this is possible to do by hand, the amount of work involved makes it unfeasible on a large scale. But without pollination, 250,000 species of plants require pollination.

That is where bees come in.  Of course there are some plants with pollen light enough to be blown from one tree to the next, but the vast majority of pollen dependent plants require bees.

According to the FDA, “Honey bees are indispensable to U.S. agriculture, yet their future and the future of the dependent agricultural economies are perilous. The apiculture industry continues to battle multiple threats to the health and number of honey bee colonies.”

At Broadmoor Farm, we believe strongly in whole health agriculture. We propagate plants that benefit the environment, feed bees, and support the health and growth of chickens, ducks and cows. With a wide range of pollinating plants, we introduced two hives in 2020. While these hives only produce a small amount of honey annually and that honey must be shared with the bees, we do produce some – and it is really good!

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